Kitchen Remodeling

Premier Homes and Contracting Group, LLC. offers an array of remodeling options for your kitchen. Create a custom kitchen that suits your style, or let us simplify the complex home renovation process by walking you through product selection and design with one of our interior designers. From demo work to installing or refinishing cabinets, laying new hardwood - Premier HCG can complete every task. Our team of experts will work to earn your continued business by professionally completing every job in a promp manner, without ever sacrificing quality. Premier HCG prides itself in taking the time to look over every detail of a project no matter how small, and perfecting any imperfections.

With Premier HCG, your dollar goes a long way. Our prices and quality of craftsmanship are unmatched by any competitor in the Atlanta area. From a 100 square foot project to 1000 square foot project, your satisfaction is our priority. No matter the job, Premier garuantees a luxurious finished product.

Accentuate Your Kitchen

A kitchen’s backsplash can create a stylish statement, tying together the other elements of the room. Intricate or simple backsplash designs and patterns can be created using ceramic or glass tile. We have a large variety of kitchen remodeling options available for kitchen flooring ranging from common types such as tile, hardwood, slate, linoleum, natural stone, and wood to the greener and more ergonomic cork and bamboo. There is so much variety when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, which range in finish from dark to light, textured to glazed, and they can be made from any type of wood or solid material imaginable. We can remodel your kitchen to give it more workspace, more storage, an island, open concept, or make it an eat-in kitchen. Investing in your kitchen is the most responsible and lucrative decision you make as a homeowner!

Kitchen Remodel Styles

Spoil the chef in your kitchen with a stylish, yet timeless kitchen. Perhaps you enjoy the dramatic and ornate appeal of a romantic or old-world style kitchen. Traditional style are always in fashion, but customizing your kitchen to meet your unique style or blend of styles gives it character and charm. Shaker style kitchens are gaining in popularity because of their minimalist design, clean lines, and timeless simplicity. Vintage kitchens combine elements of classic hardware, intricate details, and mix reclaimed and contemporary designs. Rustic kitchens are also among the most popular (we are in Texas after all) because they are less formal and very inviting. With a kitchen remodel from Premier HCG, you will never have to cook alone again!

Kitchen Redesigns

The kitchen is the heart of your home, but sometimes kitchens just weren’t designed with the modern family in mind. We can remodel kitchen galleries and isolated kitchens into open-concept kitchens. Creating an open-concept kitchen makes the kitchen an extension of the living area, giving you and your guests or family the opportunity to still be part of the action whether cooking or lounging. Some kitchens are just dysfunctional and lack a proper work triangle, which we can fix by simply reconfiguring the layout. Do you want to turn that restrictive door or window in your kitchen into French doors or sliding doors to create a larger indoor/outdoor kitchen and dining space? We can integrate your specific needs into your kitchen remodel.

To read more about remodeling your kitchen, please visit the Kitchen Information page.

Remodeling Remodeling
Remodeling Remodeling