Interior Design

Premier Homes and Contracting Group offers a free consultation with a HGTV interior designer, with minimum purchase. From services ranging from small bathrooms to whole whome designs - our designers are willing to work within your requests to design the perfect living space.

Interior Design Consultation

The first step in bringing your vision to fruition is to schedule a design consultation. Together we'll determine the scope of your project: establishing a time frame for completion and setting a realistic budget for achieving the desired results.

As design professionals, we are thoroughly trained in how the basic elements of design such as color, scale and texture translate into an expression of you.

Through comprehensive dialogue and examination of visual imagery we will develop the concept, ultimately reflecting your individual point-of-view and distinct sense of style.

Blue Print Review

Building a new home designed just for you or remodeling a space to better suit your needs can be exciting yet daunting. Blue print review is a crucial part of the process when building new or remodeling. At Premier HCG, our professional designers will partner with you and your architect, home designer, or builder to ensure you obtain the perfect vision for your home or space.

As we review your blueprints and plans we consider how the inside of your home relates to the outside. We will also work through the lighting schematics to ensure each area in your home not only functions at maximum efficiency but looks beautiful when doing so. As well, we review the plumbing layout to insure all essential components are placed effectively and are visually pleasing.

Space Planning

Space planning is the art of analyzing how your space will function. The goal of our designers is not only to fashion an environment that is elegant and tasteful, but one that works in harmony with your lifestyle.

Space planning has several different aspects. Premier HCG will collaborate with you to determine the purpose of your room and how the scale and proportion of furnishings will play a roll in the layout and flow of your space.

Every room should extend an invitation, whether it is to relax and read a good book, engage in a deep and intimate conversation, or to celebrate life with the ones you love. Let our designers help you discover the potential in your home for an easy and engaging interior.

Decorating / Redecorating Services

Whether you are starting from floor up or are combining your current furnishings with distinctive new pieces to refine the style of your space, Premier HCG is here to help. We will assist you with color coordination, texture and proportion in order to produce rooms that are compelling and timeless.

By utilizing the talents of our skilled designers and the vast array of products found in our design library, we will make the experience of decorating or redecorating your space more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.


Once your design concept has been decided and a plan has been formulated, it is time to start selecting the pieces of furniture that will be the focal point of your room. With careful consideration for your space our designers will make selections based on your desires and lifestyle.

Because we have relationships with a vast array of furniture companies, we are able to provide you comparable pricing with the added benefit of a knowledgeable designer to council you on purchases. Additionally, we have the ability to order entirely custom pieces that reflect your individuality.

Window Treatments & Coverings

Nothing adds more to an interior's complete look and feel than custom window treatments or window coverings. In addition to the beauty and sophistication, drapes and blinds also provide the practical elements of privacy, as well as light and sound control.

The atmosphere and appearance of your room will be changed dramatically by the design and choice of fabric used when dressing your windows. Panels, valances, and curtains are just a few of the design styles to select from. Everything from traditional elegance to contemporary simplicity can be reflected in the window treatment that compliments and completes your room.

Window coverings such as blinds, shutters, and shades can be used as either an alternative or in addition to your window treatments. There are a variety of choices, from fabric to woven woods that can be used to construct simpler treatments. Whether your windows call for a treatment that is grand and traditionally inspired, or a covering that is less fussy and complicated, our interior designers will help you make the best choice.

Area Rugs

Premier HCG offers an exclusive array of area rugs that provide a rich foundation to any well-designed room.

With our completely custom area rug program you and your designer have the freedom to express great creativity when selecting a rug for your home. Hand woven wool or wool and silk custom rugs are luxurious and distinctive. Your designer can help fashion an area rug that is opulent and a one of a kind piece of art.

Additionally, we have access to a vast array of Collection rugs that are versatile as well as resilient. Machine woven, braided, or hand-tufted in either natural or man-made fibers, the variety of expressive designs and timeless styling are suited for any room in your home.

Whether you are looking for an area rug that highlights updated colors and patterns or one that is designed to reflect the traditions of centuries long ago, we will assist you in selecting the perfect work of art for beneath your feet.


Choosing the correct lighting is one of the most important considerations when putting together a room. Proper lighting sets the atmosphere of your room, creates a particular mood, and provides accent to your architectural style.

Lighting consists of three main types:

General lighting
Task lighting
Accent lighting

General or ambient lighting is the foundation of your room's lighting and is what provides the overall illumination of a room. Task lighting allows you to perform specific activities such as reading, dressing or cooking. Accent lighting is designed to add drama to a room through the creation of visual interest. The range of possibilities for making a decorative statement with lighting in your home are endless. We will help you maximize the potential in your space by designing a lighting plan that is the perfect balance between form and function.


Accessories are the items that stimulate your eyes and draw them around the room, creating fascination within your surroundings. They add character to your room and give it a sense of completion.

Accessories are not only interesting and beautiful but can also serve a purpose. For example, an intricately carved box is far more enjoyable to look at than an assortment of electronic remotes.

Our designers are experienced at choosing and placing the little things that give your room personality and ambience.

Remodeling Remodeling
Remodeling Remodeling